UK R&D Map

In November 2011, the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology published the report of their Inquiry into "Nuclear R&D Capabilities in the UK", and in February 2012, the Government's response to this report accepted the need for a long-term strategy for the nuclear industry and for an underpinning nuclear R&D roadmap. As a key step towards this roadmap, the Government's Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir John Beddington, was asked to undertake a review, "drawing up a comprehensive picture of the current nuclear R&D landscape, considering existing nuclear related R&D facilities and programmes, existing and potential resourcing structures for these programmes, and optimal coordination mechanisms for the future".

Accordingly, the report"A Review of the Civil Nuclear R&D Landscape in the UK"has been prepared for the Ad-Hoc Nuclear R&D Advisory Board (NRDAB), chaired by Sir John Beddington.

One objective of the report was to map the institutional landscape of R&D funders, customers and performers in theUKto inform decisions about an optimal civil nuclear R&D landscape for the future. NNL was asked to lead on the compilation of relevant data and the preparation of such a map.

The information collected captures the key features of the landscape and shows the wide variety of organisations involved in nuclear R&D in theUKand their complex inter-relationships. These relationships include direct governance; contracts for the management of sites and facilities (for which R&D might be required); contracts specifically for R&D; and simple lines of communication between interested parties. This institutional landscape has developed over the last two decades following the breakup of a small number of large national organisations.

The extensive nature of the map means that it is best viewed online, where the user can zoom in and move around specific areas of interest, rather than in hard-copy form. The full version and a simplified version can both be downloaded as pdfs using the links on the right hand side.