NNL Science - Scientific Journal

NNL Science is a scientific journal which presents a selection of the many and varied peer reviewed scientific articles that NNL has completed either for customers or through our own, self-funded Signature Research programme.

Each edition of NNL Science will highlight a key area. This latest edition includes a number of papers on the science of vitrification.

Issue 4 - Contents

  • Cementitious encapsulation of radioactive waste
  • Bioremediation of below ground uranium contamination
  • Irradiated nuclear fuel composition calculations and estimating their uncertainties
  • Recent development in understanding caesium chemistry at Sellafield
  • Development of a new flowsheet for co-separating the transuranic actinides: the "Euro-GANEX" process
  • Iodine radiation chemistry in nuclear reactor accidents

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Issue 3 - Contents

  • Using chemical and process modelling to design, understand and improve an effluent treatment plan
  • Neptunium extraction in an advanced PUREX process and the EURO-GANEX process
  • Density functional theory calculations of the Actinide (VI) / Actinide (V) redox potentials in water
  • Muon tomography: Characterising legacy nuclear waste using cosmic rays
  • Hydrogen yields from water on the surface of PuO2

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Issue 2 - Contents

  • The Vitrification Test Rig - A research and development tool for high level waste vitrification
  • A new glass formulation for the vitrification of high molybdenum waste
  • Effect of composition of UK vitrified HLW on long-term durability
  • Hot Isostatically Pressed nuclear wasteforms for the future
  • Strontium 90 mobility in contaminated nuclear facilities and groundwater
  • The inhibition of localised corrosion in irradiated cooling waters

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Issue 1 - Contents 

  • Supporting the operation and future decommissioning of UK graphite moderated nuclear plant
  • Plutonium speciation in a Sellafield legacy fuel storage pond
  • Raman spectroscopy of plutonium dioxide
  • Radiation damage in stainless steels
  • Development of the Enigma fuel performance code
  • RadBall - the next generation

You can download a copy by clicking on the link in "Related Links". Each article includes contact details for the lead author.