Waste Residues Assessment

Up until 1994, waste and residue treatment for "no route" residues tended to focus on one residue at a time. This meant treatment was only thought about when the owner of a residue decided something needed to be done about the problem.

Unsurprisingly, it was recognised that this ad hoc approach wasn't efficient enough. What's more, it didn't take the bigger picture into account. To assess the wider problem, a corporate-funded R&D programme known was given the green light - known as the Generic Waste And Residue Treatment (G-WART).


G-WART is designed to compare a variety of residue treatment techniques, using a set of standard test residues. The test residues chosen are both intractable to existing treatment methods. They also form an important part of the residues stock in terms of bulk quantity and/or uranium content.


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Waste Residues Assessment