Decommissioning Residues

NNL has extensive experience in assessing and processing residues arising during the post-operational clean-out of redundant nuclear facilities.

Our Service

Our professional service is capable of dealing with the highly variable residue streams that arise from decommissioning. We have experience in dealing with:

  • Vacuum bags bulked into drums
  • Material mechanically "scabbled" from concrete surfaces
  • Concrete blocks
  • Sludges
  • Pickling liquors from decontamination operations
  • Paint scrapings
  • Oils
  • Wood
  • Assorted metals and plastics


Typically, decommissioning residues are varied both across and within the various materials types and the presence of much bagged material further complicates treatment. NNL provides customers with a processing service to deal with this variety.

Our experience has shown that a lot of materials can be directly treated in nitric acid but many often require extensive segregation operations and pre-treatment. NNL has developed a suite of residue specific segregation and treatments to ensure that customers receive a valuable service.


NNL's extensive experience offers customers a unique service. We treat decommissioning residues at our Preston Laboratory Processing Facility and provide advice on potential treatment routes for existing residue stocks.

NNL is also able to provide customers with guidance on how to approach material segregation during decommissioning operations in order to minimise downstream processing costs.



Decommissioning Residues