Nuclear Security Vulnerability Assessment

Our Vulnerability Assessment service is here to support the entire UK nuclear industry. It provides quantitative assessment of security measures - aligned for the first time to Nuclear Safety quantitative assessment, in place for so many years. By putting such a service in place, we've removed any subjectivity or opinion from regulatory compliance.

Our assessments are designed perfectly to fit UK Nuclear Security compliance and the new National Objectives Requirements Model Standards (NORMS). This covers the protective security of civil licenced nuclear sites, other nuclear premises and nuclear materials in transit. As the regulatory system is updated, NORMS will be the new standard for the UK nuclear industry. By carrying out a numerical method of nuclear security assessment, we can help our customers improve compliance and national resilience, in line with new regulations.

Our Service

Our experienced team provides an expert Vunerability Assessment Service in nuclear security. They're capable of undertaking numerical security effectiveness assessments for nuclear sites, facilities, nuclear transports, ports and other Critical National Infrastructure. The team's expertise includes:

  • Working with the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the Nuclear Industry Malicious¬† Capabilities Planning Assumptions (NIMCA) for defining Threat requirements
  • Working with other national organisations responsible for Security Performance- CPNI, CNC. CAST (previously HOSDB) for defining accurate performance criteria
  • Assessing the facility, site or transport using the dedicated approach and reporting the results
  • Complete the 'service' performance assessment cycle by supporting the customer in testing the security outcomes 'in the field'

Key Areas

As part of our service, we're able to assess a number of key areas, including:

  • Nuclear Sites
  • Individual Nuclear Facilities and Source Stores
  • Nuclear Transport Routing
  • Transport Infrastructure Hubs - Ports, Secure Compounds and Rail Sidings
  • Non-nuclear Critical National Infrastructure / Facilities
  • Non-nuclear other national / local Infrastructure / Facilities
  • Security Resources - Guarding
  • Coming soon - Cyber Vulnerability Assessment



Nuclear Security Vulnerability Assessment