At NNL, we're a proven provider of bespoke safety and risk management training packages. Offering a broad range of courses, each one is delivered by an expert in their field. What's more, they are highly experienced in applying the principles they teach. Our courses can also be tailored to the needs of both specialists and non-specialists.

Course areas

  • Chemotoxic safety and Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH)
  • Radiological safety
  • Asphyxiation safety
  • Criticality safety
  • Criticality Incident and Detection (CID) System omission cases
  • Hazard identification
  • General safety case approaches including techniques such as Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Design Basis Accident Analysis  
  • Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR)
  • Nuclear Installations Act, Site Licence Conditions and Safety Assessment Principles
  • Environmental Permitting Regulations and Radioactive Substances Act
  • Security Regulations

We think the following examples illustrate the breadth of safety related training we've provided over the years to our wide variety of national and international customers:

  • Two year secondments to train and mentor PBMR employees in Radiological, Chemotoxic and Criticality safety assessment
  • A week long safety assessment course delivered at the South African PBMR establishment
  • Lecture theatre based Criticality Safety Awareness training for Springfields Fuels Ltd
  • On plant detailed safety case training for both operators and plant management
  • Post-event training for operators and management to help prevent the recurrence of issues

The sheer amount of expertise at NNL means we also have the knowledge and experience to provide training on the wider nuclear fuel cycle.  We've delivered specialist training across the UK nuclear industry, helping to develop people at all levels, from graduates to executive managers.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Three day Nuclear Industry Acquaint Course (NIAC) for new Inspector recruits to the Office for Nuclear Regulation
  • Former BNFL Group Companies Corporate Graduate Training
  • Online Training Modules on Security Awareness and Information Security