The majority of work at NNL is put out for competition within the supply chain. Here at NNL we do not have a “preferred supplier” list and opportunities are published on our website on a regular basis. We encourage any supplier who believes that they could complete the required work to get in contact with the relevant procurement team member associated with the opportunity to discuss this further.
Any potential new suppliers to NNL are required to complete a pre qualification questionnaire (PQQ). The purpose of the PQQ is for NNL to satisfy itself that a supplier is able to deliver its contractual requirements and that it is operating legally and within any appropriate regulations and quality levels. It also provides valuable information on what other goods and services the supplier can offer.

Below is a list of NNL's current opportunities. These are subject to change and this list is not a commitment that NNL will carry out any of the procurements listed. Neither is NNL obliged to send out an invitation to tender in response to a request for further information. See below for terms and conditions.

Upgrade of Horizontal Posting Port to meet enhanced Safety Requirement at Cave 6

NNL have an opportunity for suppliers to express their interest in bidding for a package of work to manufacture, test, and install a horizontal posting port in accordance with an approved NNL design. 

The ‘prospective’ mechanical designer/contractor for this work will need to demonstrate the electrical, control and instrumental capability to carry out the mechanical and electrical integration, the scope of which will be detailed within the procurement specification. The supplier should also have knowledge of radiation shielding materials.


For further information please contact:

Andrew Ennis

01925 289837



Radiation Tolerant Optical Microscope

NNL is seeking interest in the supply of a radiation tolerant optical microscope for deployment in its hot cell facility. Essential features of the microscope are that it can perform bright field and polarising optical light microscopy. The microscope also needs to incorporate a Vickers micro-hardness test capability and a 3 wavelength laser Raman spectroscopy system, all to be remotely operable via an eight meter long umbilical system.


For further information and to express your interest, please contact Ellen Hunter, Senior Buyer, ellen.hunter@nnl.co.uk


All these requirements shall be subject to competitive tender.

Before this formal undertaking, NNL require all interested and capable suppliers to express their interest in being considered to tender for any of these supply items.

To qualify for inclusion in the tendering process, all suppliers shall be required to provide evidence to the following: 

- Demonstrate your experience and capability to successfully deliver the scope of works.

- Confirm BS EN ISO 9001:2008 formal accreditation held, or equivalent.

- Confirm that you have suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP) and that they have the necessary skills to successfully carry out this contract, ideally within your existing capability.

- Provide examples of where you have successfully undertaken and delivered similar contracts, whether in the nuclear industry or similar environment - Customer references may also be provisioned to support this statement.

- Address any other specific information requests as detailed under each opportunity.

If you require any additional information on any of the packages listed, please contact the named member of staff listed against each opportunity.