Plant Inspection and Development

NNL has over 40 years experience in providing a professional plant inspection and development service in nuclear and harsh environments. Our service covers all apsects of asset care support through the design, operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. We determine and assess plant equipment and operational conditions for longevity and continued service. Our service focuses on delivery, safety and quality. 

We have four key elements to the services and products we provide for customers: 

  • Plant inspection
  • Plant life management
  • Inspection development
  • Media production

Further information on the full range of services we offer in plant inspection and development can be found in the overview pdf, available by clicking on this link

You may also be interested in reading a case study on how we have provided innovative solutions to customers' problems and how we can help you. 

Inspection and Remediation of a Sellafield Site Pipe Bridge (pdf)

Helping Return Evaporator B to service at Sellafield (pdf)

Our microdrilling product is a small scale vacuum drilling system which provides minimally intrusive characterisation of structures, all while creating virtually no secondary waste or airborne contamination. You can find out more about it by clicking on this link or you can download a product sheet by clicking on this link

To talk to someone about your plant inspection and development requirements, please email: