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Senior Visiting Fellows


Dr Simon Walker was employed by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, involved in reactor safety studies. Following that he worked for Shell International, in Holland and Canada, where he led a group undertaking financial evaluation and modelling of proposed oil and gas developments. Simon currently heads the Nuclear Research Group in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Imperial College London. The group is engaged in research into various aspects of nuclear reactor safety and design. His university lecturing encompasses nuclear power, the economics of nuclear generation, and managerial economics. He is engaged in consulting and advisory roles in both civil and submarine nuclear power.

Key Areas of Expertise

Simon is part of the NNL-led consortium providing input into DECC’s embryonic national advanced reactor programme through his leadership of the reactor physics and thermal hydraulics domain. He is a member of the advanced reactors working group within NIRAB and has intentions to bid for DECC/BIS funding to build a national thermal hydraulics facility. Simon is the very rare combination of an exceedingly talented academic research leader who has an excellent appreciation of the needs of the nuclear industry when working within severe time, financial and regulatory constraints.

Key Achievements

Simon has published over 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals and over 25 in conference proceedings mainly on the numerical prediction of electromagnetic phenomena, reactor physics, nuclear thermal hydraulics and PWR severe accident analysis. He has given a number of public lectures not only on the science behind nuclear power but also on the economics of nuclear generation and new build. Simon is also a world authority on PWR fuel bundle heat transfer specifically in understanding the degrading influence of crud build-up on clad performance and is engaged in international research and lecturing activities.