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Senior Visiting Fellows


Richard holds a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. He has developed an extensive network in the nuclear industry, both in the UK and abroad.

Richard brings a distinguished 40 year career at Rolls Royce holding senior positions in the reactor systems, marine and civil nuclear divisions.

Richard joined Rolls-Royce and Associates Limited in 1973 as a Technical Engineer. He gained a broad experience through a variety of technical nuclear engineering posts, predominantly associated with plant performance and safety and then moved into engineering management as Astute pre-concept Design Manager, then Reactor Systems Manager and Propulsions Systems Department Manager, then moving into the Marine Business for a period as Head of Engineering – Integrated Propulsion Systems.

He is currently Head of Technology at Rolls Royce Civil Nuclear leading technical interactions with the NNL which have been significant particularly through the House of Lords enquiry response and the Governments recent interest in Small Modular Reactors. (SMRs).

Key Achievements

Richard is a Senior Fellow in RR’s own Fellowship scheme and is actively involved in developing the RR Fellowship. In 2006 Richard was appointed the Rolls-Royce Engineering Fellow - Nuclear Propulsion and in 2012 the Rolls-Royce Senior Engineering Fellow – Nuclear Systems. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and a member of the Nuclear Institute and the American Nuclear Society. He is actively involved in developing the nuclear capability within the Company, both in terms of people and technology.