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Senior Visiting Fellows


Kevin Allars began his career at BNFL where he spent 12 years before holding various senior key roles in ONR and HSE, including Head of Nuclear Policy Division, HSE London, Head of Chemical Industries Operational Division, HSE HID and DCI Nuclear Fuel Cycle Sites. Kevin recently retired as Deputy Chief Inspector from ONR. He is currently supporting a Phd student at UCLan, NNL’s strategic partner for nuclear regulation.

Key Areas of Expertise

He is a trained mentor with specific experience on difficult case work, notably disability, ethnicity and poor performance. Kevin has a strong interest and enthusiasm for mentoring of younger engineers.

Key Achievements

As ONR Director for Nuclear New Build, he led and focused the 70 strong GDA team where he provided direction and personal leadership. In 2012, Kevin was responsible for the 'Changing ONR' programme which ran from May –December where he contributed to preparing ONR for the transition to a statutory corporation (improving regulatory and operational effectiveness, leadership and resource management).