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Senior Visiting Fellows


Professor Francis Livens has a long history of collaboration with NNL (previously Nexia Solutions) and BNFL. He was the founding Director of the Centre for Radiochemistry Research (CRR), the first of BNFL’s four University Research Alliances. Between 1999 and 2004, he oversaw the growth of CRR from 1 academic and 5 researchers, to 4 academics, 2 Fellows, and 28 researchers.

Key Areas of Expertise

Francis has worked with NNL in: Research Council projects (e.g. NERC BIGRAD; EPSRC KNOO); NDA framework research contracts (e.g. ORCHID consortium) and Government Projects (e.g. the CBRN Radiological decontamination agent’s project). He has also published many joint Manchester and NNL/Nexia/BNFL academic journal papers.

Francis is Research Director of the University of Manchester Dalton Nuclear Institute (DNI), responsible for strategic direction of the university’s nuclear portfolio. In 2011 DNI won Diamond Jubilee Queen’s Anniversary Prize, the highest award within UK academia for ‘Internationally renowned research and skills training for the nuclear industry’.

The turnover in nuclear research has grown from £3.9 M p.a. in 2004 to £19.0 M p.a. in 2010 and the impact factor of Manchester’s nuclear publications is now the highest of all.


Key Achievements

Francis has many external roles, and these currently include: Deputy Chair, UK Government Committee on Radioactive Waste Management; Member, UK Government panel ‘Scientific Advice to Government in Emergencies’; Member, Cabinet Office Scientific Advisory Committee; External advisor, UK Government Decontamination Service; External reviewer, nuclear R&D programmes, FZ Juelich, Germany; Member, NERC Expert Group on Radioactivity in the Environment; External adviser to National Nuclear Security Administration, USA; External reviewer, technical programmes, AWE Aldermaston.