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Senior Visiting Fellows


With more than 22 years of experience, Alan has worked as a nuclear regulator for nuclear sites and non-nuclear sites using radioactive substances. He also oversaw the regulation of major process industries including natural gas processing, oil refining, and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine generating plants.

Prior to that, he worked 12 years at Sellafield leading a team developing, specifying, installing, commissioning and supporting special radiometric instruments for the process plants.  

Key Areas of Expertise

Since 2005 Alan has worked at DECC as the Environment Agency’s Principal Interface on new nuclear build matters and has contributed to the development of the Energy White Papers which secured new nuclear’s role. Alan has contributed to the review of DECC and NEA reports for NNL in addition to working on New Nuclear Build with Government Officials and Peter Handley who is seconded from NNL to DTI.

 Key Achievements

More recently Alan has supported DECC and BIS at meetings with potential international investors in the UK. Alan also led the development of the Environment Agency’s Radioactive Substances Regulation Environment Principles that guide Radioactive Substances Regulation (RSR) assessment and regulatory practice. Working closely with ONR, Alan developed the joint Generic Design Assessment process for candidate new nuclear reactor designs and Alan actively contributes his time to an NNL UCLan Nuclear PhD CASE award 'Building on the Success of GDA-Working to Achieve Better Regulation for Nuclear Licensed Sites'. He instigated the provision of a financial contribution to the NNL PhD CASE award from the Environment Agency (EA), in addition to contributions in kind from various individuals at EA.