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Laboratory Fellows

Matthew Barker was appointed Laboratory Fellow in 2015, covering the area of Post Irradiation Evaluation. Matthew joined the BNFL MOX Technical Department in 2003 having previously completed a degree D.Phil. in High Energy Particle Physics at the University of Oxford. His work for BNFL focused on fuel performance support to the Sellafield MOX Plant.

Matthew moved to NNL in 2005 and took the lead for the Post Irradiation Examination (PIE) component of the MOX fuel performance programme. This included representing NNL in a number of international collaborations and technical management of the PIE programme at external institutions in a number of countries including Germany, Japan, Norway and France. From 2005, he took an increasing role in analysis of AGR reactor graphite and AGR fuel. The work included analysis of basic properties measurements on irradiated reactor graphite and the development of new measurement capabilities.

In 2009, he took the technical lead role for ensuring the quality of results obtained from a large programme of fuel PIE work at Studsvik Nuclear AB in Sweden. Since early 2010, Matthew has been the technical team manager for fuel and graphite performance, made up of senior experts within NNL covering CAGR fuel and graphite PIE. A major part of his role during this period is being the technical lead for the PIE of irradiated fuel from the UK’s fleet of AGR power stations. Matthew is responsible for defining, leading and reporting technical programmes of work in the PIE of AGR fuel.

Over the past two years, his role within the department has transitioned to one of Senior Technical Lead, with oversight of technical leads working in multiple areas (SEM, Metallography, NDT, Endoscopy) to fulfil requirements for PIE on AGR Fuel. During this time Matthew’s work has increasingly involved financial and programme management.