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Laboratory Fellows


Dr Mark Sarsfield has a BSc and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield. His research background is in inorganic synthetic chemistry, polymerisation catalysis and actinide chemistry. He was a BNFL Fellow at the University of Manchester from 2000-2004 before he joined NNL.

Key Areas of Expertise

Mark is a Chartered Chemist, an NNL Research Fellow and Laboratory Fellow with Honorary visiting fellow positions at the University of Manchester and University of Leicester. Mark has interests in the speciation and characterisation of actinides in solution and the solid state using a range of techniques including Powder X-Ray diffraction, Raman, IR and UV/vis spectroscopy.

Key Achievements

Mark has made major contributions in the development of flow sheets for the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuels and in isolating americium from aged plutonium dioxide for use in space power applications. He is technical lead on large European Union projects (FP7) and is the creator and Chief Editor of the NNL Science Journal.