Our History

Pre-1996: Multi-Centred Nuclear Technology

1996: Integrated Research and Technology

2003: Nuclear Sciences and Technology Services, acquired AEA(T) Nuclear Service Business

2004: Shadow Subsidiary (NSTS)

2005: Full Subsidiary Status (Nexia Solutions Ltd)

2008: National Nuclear Laboratory

2009: NNL Managing Contractor (Government Owned, Contractor Operated)

2013: Government Owned, Government Operated

Succeeding Nexia Solutions Ltd and originally operated by BNFL, NNL was formed from a consortium made up of Serco, Battelle Memorial and Manchester University in 2009. Now, our key objective is to help to safeguard and develop nuclear expertise and laboratories across a number of different sites.

Today, we're committed to outstanding customer service and trusted advice to the Government. Tomorrow, we're looking to grow for the future and pioneer the best in innovation and safety.