UK Youth

A charitable organisation, UK Youth develops and promotes innovative non-formal education programmes for and with young people to help develop their potential. NNL has been a main sponsor since 2008.

The UK Youth network supports young people through around 7,000 youth groups. It works closely with a string of local authorities to support clubs and projects and more than 40,000 volunteer and part-time youth workers throughout the UK.

Designed to make a lasting impact, activities undertaken by the organisation encourage young people to take responsibility and become involved citizens. Initiatives are designed to build skills that will remain useful in 'real life'. 

In 2010, UK Youth celebrated its centenary and a series of events are lined up to commemorate this important milestone. 

The objectives behind the UK Youth centenary celebrations were:

  • Showcase the achievements of young people
  • Position UK Youth as the champion of non-formal learning
  • Raise the profile and status of UK Youth (improve financial strength and sustainability)

In addition to donation, the NNL was delighted to support UK Youth at a number of key events during the year. These included a bike challenge led by former world motor racing champion Nigel Mansell and close support for science-based activities at the world renowned Hay Festival.

The NNL graduate development scheme has been upgraded to include a CR element. This requires our graduates to raise significant funds in support of the Smallpeice Trust, UK Youth and other charities.

UK Youth