Arkwright Scholarships

In 2009, the NNL joined with the Arkwright Scholarships Trust as a new sponsor and supported two separate initiatives. The link proved so successful that NNL continued support in 2010 by sponsoring two more scholarships.

Arkwright encourages a mutually beneficial partnership between education and industry to actively promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Scholarships are sponsored by a variety of international companies and charitable trusts based in the United Kingdom. 

Awards are made annually to high calibre students who are studying the relevant 'A' level/higher subjects, which lead to engineering or technology degree courses at University. 

Successful scholars are invited to become Arkwright 'Ambassadors', helping raise the profile of STEM in their own schools and the wider community. In addition, teachers are encouraged to network at the various Arkwright associated events.

To date 2,085 students and 1,200 schools have benefited from the Arkwright Scholarships Trust.